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Reflecting on Transformations: careers, disciplines and methods

The Digital Arts and Humanities structured PhD programme reflects the significant transformations that have taken place in the arts and humanities over the last number of decades. While disciplines are constantly evolving and changing in line with political, social, cultural and technological trends, the digital revolution has thoroughly changed, modified and possibly enhanced all aspects of our academic, professional and personal lives.

This year’s DAH institute theme, “transformations”, not only represents this change in the arts and humanities disciplines but also reflects a transitionary period for a significant number of students in the programme as we see the first cohort of DAH students enter their fourth year of study. At this stage we witness individuals transform from students to academics or professionals, from novices to experts in their chosen field of study and from attentive learners to engaging teachers as they create and disseminate their own work and knowledge.

However, change is not benign – it requires a degree of self-reflection and consideration to thoroughly appreciate what we have lost and what we have gained. Ultimately we are seeking to discover what we as individuals and as a community have transformed into – this consideration also applies to our respective disciplines. Therefore, this transitionary period, for students and for the DAH programme, is a useful point at which to encourage personal and disciplinary reflectivity.

The event will include practical sessions on “Professionalism” and “Research Data and Preservation” as well papers, presentations and peer-led workshops by DAH students. We also look forward to welcoming our invited speakers, who will no doubt contribute greatly to the discussions and debates that emerge from this year’s DAH institute.

DAH Institute 2014

Program of Events

Wednesday, 3 Sept. 2014

09.00-09.30 Registration and Coffee
09.30-09.45 Welcome and Opening Remarks: Prof. Poul Holm
09.45-10.45 Keynote: Dr. Jim Clifford, University of Saskatchewan. Title: “Mapping London’s Global Hinterlands: Spatial Text Mining Eight Million Pages of Nineteenth Century Texts”
Chair: Prof. Poul Holm
10.45-11.00 Break
Professionalism 1 (Parallel Sessions)
Session 1.A – final year students
11.00-11.30 Deirdre Parker, University College Cork. Title: ‘Career Development’ Click here for slides
11.30-12.00 Dr. Jennifer Brennan, Irish Universities Association. Title: ‘Career Opportunities and the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions’  Click here for slides
Session 1.B – all other years
11.00-12.00 Paddi Leinster, Digital Repository of Ireland. Title: ‘Project Management’ (Click here for video)
12.10-13.00 Ignite Presentations by 2nd Year students
Bertrand Lucat, “Ideological narratives of play in digital games” Click here for video
Levi Hanes, “Comedy in contemporary art practice” Click here for video
Penny Johnston, “Local voices, worldwide conversations” Click here for video
Larkin Cunningham, “Technological conspicuity in the museum” Click here for video
Tom O’Dea, “A visual arts practice investigation of the computer network as the defining characteristics of contemporary society” Click here for video
Chair: Dr. Sharon Webb
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.00 Professionalism 2
Dr Mike Cosgrave, University College Cork. Title: ‘Digital Pedagogy’ Click here for slides
15.00-15.15 Break
15.15-16.15 ‘David Duffy and Peter Power, ‘Eat My Noise’ (Digital performance artists)
Chair: Dr. Sharon Webb
16.15-16.45 Coffee Break
16.45-17.45 Dr. Alessio Assonitis, Medici Archive Project. Title: ‘Decline and Fall of the Digital Humanities’.
Chair: Dr. Brendan Dooley

18.00 – 20.00 Evening Social Event – Wine Reception at Lewis Glucksman Gallery and Dinner at Fresco (Glucksman)


Thursday, 4 Sept. 2014

09.30-10.15 Dr. Mhairi Sutherland, Verbal Arts Centre. Title: Crows on the Wire: Transforming Narratives of the Unheard Click here for video
Chair: Dr. Orla Murphy
10.15-10.45 Coffee Break
10.45-12.00 Final Year Presentations – Panel 1:
Vinayak Das Gupta (TCD), ‘Considering Materiality: A Reflection on Images in Transformation’ Click here for video
Giorgio Guzzetta (UCC), ‘Bits and Pieces. The Multiplication and Dissemination of the (digital) text’
Ellen McCabe (NUIG), ‘Living the Stories we Create: An Educational Response to Narrative in the Digital Age’ Click here for video
Steven Yi (NUIM), ‘Developing Music Systems on the JVM with Pink and Score’
Chair: Dr. Justin Tonra
12.00-13.00 Sharon McMeekin, Digital Preservation Coalition. Title: ‘Digital Preservation. Why its important to all of us’ Click here for video
Chair: Dr. Natalie Harrower
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.00 Jim Boulton, Digital Archaeology Click here for video
Chair: Dr. Sharon Webb
15.00-15.30 Coffee
15.30-16.45 Final Year Presentations – Panel 2
Rachel Murphy (UCC), Title (TBC)
Frank Lynam (TCD), ‘Navigating Archaeology’s Big Data Reality’ Click here for video
Shadi Abu-Ayyash (NUIG), ‘Expanding Digital Arts Research’ Click here for video
Nella Porqueddu (TCD), ‘Life and Research – a History. Transformations and Digital Humanitie’
Chair: Dr. Jim Clifford
16.45-17.00 Closing Remarks: Dr. Brendan Dooley