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The DAH Digital Conference 2016 will take place in Trinity College Dublin on Friday 18 November 2016. The theme is ‘Digital entanglements: the post-digital present’.  The conference will mark the completion of the DAH programme and will analyse its legacy, as well as the state of the digital arts and humanities now, in 2016, five years after the inception of the DAH programme. To read more about the conference theme, click here.

Keynote speakers Steven E. Jones and Maria Chatzichristodoulou will present on the Digital Entanglements theme, coming from the perspectives of digital humanities and digital art respectively. Professor Jones’ keynote address is titled “The ‘Digital’ Humanities After The Eversion”, while Dr Chatzichristodoulou will speak on “Encountering the Digital in Performance: Deployment, Engagement, Trace”.

Emeritus Professor of NUI Galway and former Director of the Huston School of Film & Digital Media Rod Stoneman will speak on “Renegotiating the Digital: the Return to the Analogue”.

There will also be morning and afternoon panels, during which academic staff with the DAH programme will discuss the current state of the Digital Arts and Humanities and future directions.

The full programme can be downloaded here.