The DAH Programme

DAH is a four-year structured doctoral research-training programme designed to enable students to carry out research in the arts and humanities at the highest level using new media and computer technologies.The ever-evolving developments in computing and their performative and analytical implications have brought about a quantum leap in arts and humanities research and practice. Digital Arts and Humanities is a field of study, research, teaching, and invention at the intersection of computing and information management with the arts and humanities. The DAH Structured PhD programme will create the research platform, the structures, partnerships and innovation models by which fourth-level researchers can engage with a wide range of stakeholders in order to contribute to the developing digital arts and humanities community world-wide, as participants and as leaders. The programme will promote advanced practical and academic research in applying innovative models of arts practice and theory, humanities research, archiving, and pedagogy. DAH will provide coherent exposure to transferable skills in digital content creation that will be enabling, academically rigorous and commercially viable. DAH will do so by promoting advanced practical and academic research in the application of new media and computer technologies, and will work with industry partners and cultural institutions to ensure knowledge exchange and career development.