2 shows in Dublin Fringe

I’ll be presenting a show in the Dublin Fringe Festival this year which relates to my research area under DAH.  It’s a theatre-game that uses smartphone technology to engage the participant in an immersive manhunt through a dystopian future Dublin.  …

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Locative Tour of Medieval Galway

I was asked to design a smartphone-based tour for the Galway Early Music Festival 2012 (run by my wonderful and innovative mom!).  They wanted a walking tour of Galway that would allow people to hear different pieces of medieval music …

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Book Review: The Young Audience – exploring and enhancing children’s experiences of theatre

I recently wrote a review to be included in the publication ‘Youth Drama Ireland’. Here’s the text of the review:

In ‘The Young Audience’ Matthew Reason sets out to examine how children watch, understand, engage with and remember theatre. This …

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Reproductions of the Irish High Crosses – a video essay

Group D are annotating a hypertext – here is the text of one of my contributions, a video essay on the ‘Reproductions of the Irish High Crosses’.

You can watch the video HERE

Reproductions of the Irish High Crosses –

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Ignite Galway – Thursday, October 13th – 8.30pm

This is a fun event – I’ll be talking a bit about theatre and stuff, and the other talks sound really interesting.  Come along if you can!

Ever want to go an event to get inspired by passionate people who

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Acts of non-compliance in the digital world

Sadly, I can’t get to this, but if anyone does please let me know!

Living with the Panopticon: Acts of Non-compliance in the Digital World with Blast Theory & iShed

13 Oct 2011, 7pm -8.30pm, The Office of Non-Compliance, LT2,

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Begin at the Beginning


A clear demonstration of how tech trips you up … this blog was half-written when my internet connection timed out.  It’s taken me a couple of days to get back to it, so I’ve back-dated the post … ironically …

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