Working with historical databases

Nineteenth century Ireland and the British Parliamentary Papers

Working on nineteenth century Irish economic history presents some rather unique challenges, the foremost of which is the dearth of data which is available. The Act of Union meant that detailed trade

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The Alfred Russell Wallace correspondence project

The Natural History Museum, London has a very interesting ongoing project which aims to digitise, transcribe and make available all the correspondence of the co-discoverer of natural selection Alfred Wallace. They will be making available the scans of letters on …

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Aaron Koblin and ‘The Wilderness Downtown’

I recently came across a video by Aaron Koblin, an artist who specialises in data and digital technologies. Along with some quite interesting pieces that he has come up with using a wide variety of publicly available data such as …

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PhD Research

My project under the DAH project will examine the development of industrial and trade networks from the early nineteenth century up to and including the foundation of the Ford and Dunlop plants in the early twentieth century.The establishment of these …

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