Creative Amnesia

Inventing the digital future

Giorgio Guzzetta

I am a researcher in Italian literature with a strong interest in comparative literary and cultural studies. My main interest is in narratives, particularly novels and movies. I am addicted to both and I am also interested in more “technological” ways of telling stories, using digital media.
Looking back at my academic career so far, I can see that, in spite of some apparently erratic choices of topics (especially as a student I attended workshops and seminars on subjects as different as translation studies, media and film studies, philosophy, history), it has been guided by an overarching interest in global and transnational cultural and literary phenomena and in the ways in which those interact with national identities. Already the PhD research (supervised by Prof. Michael Caesar at the University of Birmingham, UK) focused in how connections and relationships with British and Irish modernist writers acted upon several Italian writers, helping them to rethink their native Italian national identity. My thesis was published soon after I finished my PhD (Nation and Narration: British Modernism in Italy in the First Half of the 20th Century, Longo Editore, Ravenna, 2004 – abstract, table of contents and first chapter are online here). The book was reviewed in Annali d’Italianistica (2006) as a “welcome contribution to the field of Italian 20th century studies” that “should be read by comparatists who wish to explore the literary and cultural cross-pollination that occurred during the past two centuries between representatives of the English and Italian literary establishment”.

From there I moved on, working as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg for three years. During that time I became more involved in postcolonial theory, developing an interest in how contemporary migrant fiction writers shifted traditional boundaries and create new frontiers within Italian cultural landscape. The main outcome of this has been a volume I edited on the transformation of Italian identity (you can read my introduction here free of charge, and the rest of the essays for a small fee at AJOL), and some talks and papers that I presented at international and national conferences. I am currently trying to finish a work on Algerian war (1954-1962) in Italian Culture.

My next project is, as you know, in digital humanities as a way in which cultural networking is happening now. This is for me a completely new field of research and for this reason I decided it was important to go back to school, so to speak, applying to this brand new PhD in Digital Humanities that has been offered in Ireland. To know more on my specific research project, go to My Research.