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Workshop on Digital Preservation

Posted by giorgioguzzetta on 18 November 2011

I just received an email about an workshop on Digital preservation to be held in Rome 29-30 november 2011, the KEEP Approach to Digital Preservation. KEEP (Keeping Emulation Environments Portable)

will develop emulation services (KEEP Emulation Services) to enable …

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Visual analytics, maps and reading styles

Posted by giorgioguzzetta on 14 October 2011

This are comments on one of the first week question that I am unsuccessfully trying to post on the forums:

Jonathan Stray and the Iraqi War

The post is very interesting and gives a lot of informations on visual analytics …

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Cork at sunset (Forget Dublin)

Posted by giorgioguzzetta on 5 October 2011

While walking around in Cork tonight, I took some picture with my Ipad. Nothing to do with DH (apart from the fact that I used an Ipad, of course) but I thought I might share some. The full bunch of …

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