Hello fellow DAHians

Four years over–over and out. It’s been fun. My viva in two weeks and then it’s back out into the big old world, again.

As a labour historian, the digital product I have produced has been immense fun and immensely worthwhile.

I have taken one of the biggest figures in Irish history, James Larkin of 1913 fame, and will now make available online important historical documents that relate to Larkin. For example, the 1923-1925 run of the Irish Worker. Up to now, only one copy of this was available in Galway; on microfilm in the Galway university library. It will now be available to all. Also the James Larkin FBI file; this is not freely available and was generated by a Freedom of Information request to the American government. The file came with very little chronological consistency, and no pagination. Thanks go to Claire Culleton for providing me with a copy of her Larkin FBI file. I have now assembled it into chronological order, paginated it, and provided a contents page of notable documents.

Just to add, that due to the expenses available to me on the DAH PhD, I was able to fund a trip to America (where Larkin had gone in 1914), and I hit the jackpot in the New York Public Library, finding three folders of papers relating to Larkin which had previously been unused. These three folders now have their own reference: James Larkin Matter: 1919-1922. Legal Cases. Frank P. Walsh Papers. Manuscripts and Archives Division. The New York Public Library.

It has been a privilege to make a contribution to James Larkin studies

Talk later, folks.

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